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Amunda Gorey

Amunda Gorey

Amunda Gorey is one of the younger generation of artists who paint in the Eastern Aranda or "Keringke" style. This style involves the use of intricate patterns and detail usually in vivid colours but can also be in striking black and white compositions. She started painting as a child, learning from her mother and aunties (Jane and Marlene Doolan). With such quality artistis instructing her it is no surprise that now aged in 30's she is producing such beautiful work. Originally from Santa Teresa, Amunda now lives in Alice Springs. She has two children. 

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  • Bush Tucker Man - Lofty Katakrinja

    Acrylic on canvas 92 x 44cm LK090616


  • Three Tribal Leaders - Lofty Katakarinja

    Acrylic on canvas 93 x 32 cm LK050616


  • Serpent Dreaming - Cleophas (lofty) Katakarinja

    Acrylic on Canvas 90cm x 70cm LK030615