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Marlene Doolan

Marlene Doolan

Marlene was born at Santa Teresa (south-east of Alice Springs) in 1970. She has been painting on canvas since 1999. By nature Marlene is quiet and unassuming, but gains great satisfaction in producing work of the highest standard. Her style is reflective of Eastern Aranda  art and is incredibly detailed and colourful.

She is related to Vanessa Inkamala and Petrina Conway who paint in a similar style. The art of all three women is highly sort after.

Marlene's predominant themes are "spiritual women", "spiritual dancing" and "wild bush tucker".

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  • Bush Tucker Man - Lofty Katakrinja

    Acrylic on canvas 92 x 44cm LK090616


  • Three Tribal Leaders - Lofty Katakarinja

    Acrylic on canvas 93 x 32 cm LK050616


  • Serpent Dreaming - Cleophas (lofty) Katakarinja

    Acrylic on Canvas 90cm x 70cm LK030615