Marianne was Helene Albrecht’s nanny

Marianne Graetz

Loved by the missionaries’ children, Marianne (pronounced in the German style ‘Marianna’) Graetz worked for both the Strehlow family and the Albrecht’s.

Marianne is the best-known occupant of the building known as the maid’s quarters. This building was constructed in 1933 and linked with the rear verandah of the Strehlow residence. It is a long rectangular stone building of seven rooms that were used for: accommodation for visitors, a room for Marianne who worked for the Strehlow family and later the Albrechts, a women’s workroom, dispensary and a storage room.

Soon after Minna Albrecht arrived at Hermannsburg in 1926, she was approached by Marianne who had worked for the Strehlow’s and now offered her services to the Albrechts. In September 1927, Minna gave birth to a baby girl, Helene Katherine Freida. After some complications, Minna and her new baby arrived back at Hermannsburg later that year. As a grown woman, Helene still recalled, with fondness, the love shown to her by Marianne.

As the Albrecht children’s nanny, Marianne was an important member of the Albrecht extended family and features frequently in the Albrecht family album.