Hermannsburg test image

A. Hermann Kemp

Pastor and Mrs O Liebler with two pack camels

Establishing the Mission – a perilous journey and an uncertain start

The Hermannsburg Mission was established in 1877, following an arduous 20-month journey from South Australia. It was managed by Lutheran missionaries and the Lutheran Church from 1877-1982. It is the last surviving mission developed by missionaries from the Hermannsburg Missionary Society in Germany under the influence of the German Lutheran community in South Australia.

Meat house and chopping block

Feeding the Mission

Imagine the storage of meat in the outback heat without the convenience of modern refrigeration! The stone walls and stone floor served to provide an environment as cool as possible for keeping meat.

Growing congregation in front of the church

The heart of the mission

The church building of course was the heart of the mission. While the historic Church stands quietly now in the heart of the historic precinct, the new heart has moved with the growing town of Ntaria and is located outside the Mission compound; if you sit quietly enough you can still hear the echo of Arrarnta ancestors raising their voices to God.