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Many artists from the Hermannsburg community and region continue to practise using the watercolour and landscape style developed through the artist Rex Battarbee by Albert Namatjira, the best know of all Hermannsburg Aboriginal artist.

Originally a Lutheran Mission, Hermannsburg retains many of its national heritage listed buildings and is a major tourist attraction. It is located approcimately 130 km west of Alice Springs and is still a place to find beautiful examples of Hermannsburg Art.

After Albert's death in 1959, the reputation of his paintings and painting style went through a period of neglect, and the Hermannsburg style of art suffered from this. Over the last decade, the reputation of Hermannsburg watercolour artists has grown both nationally and internationally. The Hermannsburg style, landscape paintings imbuded witha a distinctively Aboriginal character, are once again being created by many of Namatjira's descendants. These works are also achieving a rightful place in Australian art history.

Amunda Gorey

Cleophas (Lofty) Katakarinja

Maggie Gleeson

Marlene Doolan

Selma Coulthard