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Albert Namatjira lived here as a boy

the original Manse, exhibits works of the ‘Hermannsburg School of Watercolour Artists'

‘the eating house'

remains of a longer building from 1890’s

built during a period of extreme drought

for the white children

built to provide industry and income for Aranda people

built by Gottlieb Haemmerling in 1896

built in 1882 it is the oldest building remaining

now a private residence

housed the skilled married workers

Kata-Anga Tearooms

In 1912 a bathroom, storeroom and bakehouse were constructed at the rear of the Strehlow/Albrecht House. In 1920 the front and rear verandahs were renovated and in 1933 the rear verandah was partially demolished to make way for long stone building of single room width.

The rooms in the building of 1933 were used for visitor accomodation, storage, residence for Albrecht's housemaid, Marianne, a women's work room and dispensary. Each room opened onto a verandah at the rear.

The eastern end of hte building was partially demolished and modified during the 1960's, or 1970's and the easternmost room converted to a bathroom. This area, including the verandah, was severly affected by a fire in 1985.

Notice Of Precinct Closure
Due to major conservation work and significant infrastructure upgrades the Hermannsburg Historic Precinct has been deemed to be a Construction Site and is therefore closed to the public.
Anticipated re-opening is in March 2021

Wurtai (welcome) to Hermannsburg (Ntaria), Western Aranda country.

Experience a truly remarkable part of Central Australia's history.

Wander around the old Lutheran Mission and get a glimpse of life as it was for the early pioneers and their families.

Learn about how the European settlers and local Aranda people built a thriving community, despite many difficulties and setbacks.

Come and share our stories, art and culture, and make sure to try some of our famous Apple Strudel, or some scones with jam and cream while you are here.