Hermannsburg potters

Our community

Western Arrarnta people now live in many places however, for many years Hermannsburg Mission was a focal point for our people as we struggled to survive the impacts of European colonisation, and later as we struggled to provide sustainable livelihoods in an ever-changing world. Today, the mission buildings are part of our collective memory, a reminder of the struggles and triumphs of our ancestors that sits cheek-by-jowl with our modern township of Ntaria.

Three Arrarnta men
Three Arrarnta men. Source Lutheran Archives 07403

Western Arrarnta people

‘Our Elders live on in us - the younger generation. We look after the old mission because it is part of our past, but it is also part of our future. We hope that tourism will help us build a sustainable community’. (Nicholas Williams 2019)

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Water colour

Local artists

Many artists from the Hermannsburg community & region continue to practise using the watercolour & landscape style developed through the artist Rex Battarbee by Albert Namatjira, the best known of all Hermannsburg Aboriginal artists.

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Hermannsburg Potters
2015 Tobias Titz

Hermannsburg Potters

Hermannsburg Potters has developed a niche market for their pottery. Their pottery supports the local artists and their families and supports the growing local economy of Hermannsburg. Their pottery has been exhibited and collected within Australia and abroad for the past 25 Years.

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Hermannsburg Choir


From Nov. 1880 on, singing was part of the Hermannsburg School curriculum. Hymns were translated into Western Arrarnta, and taught to the children.

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