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Precinct re-opening 22 March 2021

We are very excited to welcome visitors to the upgraded Hermannsburg Historic Precinct from 22 March 2021.
Visit us soon to see our historic buildings and discover many diverse and fascinating stories of life on the Mission, now available through our new website. Enjoy our hospitality at the Kata Anga Tea rooms, where you can sample our famous apple strudel, as you connect with our community past and present.

Colonists residence

Site maintenance

The Heritage Precinct consists of 16 significant buildings and a cemetery on 2.5 hectares of land, protected under the NT Heritage Conservation Act 1991. The Hermannsburg Historic Precinct is ranked as one the most important heritage sites in the Northern Territory.

Hermannsburg Historic Precinct

Precinct closure due to Covid

Due to the spread of the covid-19 virus the Historic Precinct has been closed. This is a government and community decision. Any changes to this will be posted here.

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