Our Community - Music & Song

On June 8th 1877, German missionaries settled at Ntaria, which they called Hermannsburg. They soon started to learn the language from the local people, initiated school lessons and taught the children to sing. After three years, they had drafted fifty-three hymns in the Western Arrarnta language. In the 1920's, the teacher's wife, Mrs Heinrich, taught four people to sing harmonies. From 1949 to 1950, Ted Strehlow conducted a choir of men and women, and a number of their hymns were recorded on vinyl records.

In January 1956, the first interstate trip of a Hermannsburg choir took place. Seventeen men travelled to South Australia with conductor David Trudinger. Their recording is the called The Heart of Aranda.

In September 1967, twelve men and twelve women toured South Australia and Victoria with conductor Pastor Doug Radke and compère Mr Gus Williams. Their recording is called Hermannsburg Choir on Tour 1967.