Our Community - Ntaria Ladies Choir

Since 1970, the Ntaria Ladies choir has continued its singing tradition, touring interstate every few years. They have released a CD of their best recordings from the 1990's, entitled Ekarlta Nai, meaning: 'be strong'.

In May 2003, they were part of the cantana Journey to Horseshoe Bend, at the Sydney Opera House. Here, they told the story of Pastor Carl Strehlow's life, documenting his severe illness in 1922, and singing of the way Strehlow died at Horseshoe Bend, on his way to a doctor.

From 2003 onwards, the choir did more recording. Their next CD was completed with the help of the Bighart play project "Namatjira" and is entitled Tjina Kngarra (the Best of Friends). It was released on August 11th 2011, on the night that the Namatjira play in Melbourne was webcast to Hermannsburg.

In recent years the Ntaria Choir has collaborated with Pitjantjatjara community singers to form a Central Australian Choir. They have performed on a number of occasions.

In May of 2015, this larger choir travelled to Germany and took part in Lutheran celebrations there.  A live recording was made of their performance at Ansbach.

Copies of the Ntaria Ladies Choir CD's can be purchased from our art and craft shop at the Historical Precinct.